Beginner Riding Lessons

Our beginner horse riding program helps new riders build a solid foundation of safety and horsemanship in order to succeed long term with their horse riding dreams. This program involves:

  • One lesson per week

  • Maximum of two students per time slot

We have very safe beginner riding horses that are well trained, patient with new riders, and help our students grow in confidence. 

Drop In Lessons

FPH offers drop in lessons for new students. Please contact us for more details!



Intermediate Riding Program

The Intermediate Riding Program is a select riding group designed for intermediate riders interested in show disciplines. The typical intermediate rider has had previous instruction from another instructor and has a firm grasp of basic horsemanship skills. Students may compete in a range of disciplines, from Western Performance classes such as Western Pleasure or Reining to all around competition including Hunter Under Saddle and In Hand classes. Please contact us for a complete list of the types of riding we offer. Membership in the FPH Riding Club includes two weekly riding sessions:

Group Activity Period

In the group activity period students will spend their time . . . 

o   Working as a team riding together

o   Learning to compete in show patterns (horsemanship, trail, etc.) and discussing performance as a team.


In the semi-private period members will spend their time . . .

o   Riding horses and working on specific skills

o   Grooming and caring for horses

o   Participating in “Out-of-the-Saddle” Activities

o   Developing character through additional activities

Additional Information

Students in the FPH Riding Club are expected to be actively looking to purchase their own horse, or already own or lease a horse. Lesson horses are limited and are intended to help the student hone skills and transition into horse ownership. Students will be able to begin competing using a lesson horse to experience showing firsthand and decide if showing is the right fit for them before making an investment in a horse of their own.

We are here to meet the needs of our students. If desired, we will help prepare our students to move on to a full time advanced training program to compete at a high level. For example, if your child's desire is to compete on an equestrian team or show at high level AQHA shows, we have connections with multiple trainers that specialize in this area. It takes a lot of work to be ready for such a transition, but we are here to prepare students achieve that goal. However, there is no time limit to how long a student can stay in our program if our activities meet their needs. Competition level students are encouraged to stay in our club as long as they desire.